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How To Improve Eyesight With Eye Exercises

My Dearest Friends,


With over twenty-five years working as an ophthalmologist, I ironically had to lose an eye to finally see the obvious.  I wasn’t truly helping people and in reality was only covering up the deeper issue. One day however, I came upon the works of Dr. W.H. Bates, and has since profoundly transformed my life and workings as an optical doctor. I was shaken right to the core once I realized:



  How contacts and glasses are almost guaranteed to damage your vision as time goes by…. (and a little-known method to prove it for yourself!)


  The overlooked and more than obvious reasoning for why doctors and optometrists are so misinformed and skeptical to Dr. Bates natural vision enhancement….. (And no, it is NOT some huge conspiracy of self-interest and profit that some like to think!)


  Dr. W.H. Bates “hidden-in-plain-view” secret that will increase recovery with over 400% and vastly improves Myopia (nearsightedness), Hyperopia (farsightedness), Presbyopia (Old-Age Sight), macular degeneration, eyestrain, Glaucoma and many others within just weeks of beginning the program……



I can assure you….


If you’d like to correct Amblyopia (Lazy Eye), reverse Myopia (Near-Sightedness), Hyperopia (Far-Sightedness) or any other serious conditions, as well as restoring your vision naturally without costly and risky surgery, then you won’t want to miss the insightful information that I will be revealing here.


But before we explore further into my discoveries let’s….



“See What Some Other People Have Had To Say…”


Individuals will write to me all the time to express their gratitude and how they are now finally able to escape their life-long dependence on glasses and contacts….




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“No! It is NOT Some Huge Conspiracy…”


People oftentimes will wonder why it is that their doctor or optometrist never educated them about natural alternatives to costly and dangerous  laser eye surgery, contacts, and glasses…


With over twenty five years in practice, I can assure you…..For those that want to know how to improve vision, be aware, it is not some huge and greedy conspiracy among doctors, optometrist, or the optometry industry.


The majority of doctors or optometrists in the industry are good caring people that wish nothing but the best for their patients… And I would know as I had been like that for years….. yet kept in the dark by ignorance.


What I’m simply trying to say is this:


Education and learning is a fantastic thing, however the downside of stuffing your mind with “knowledge” is that it makes less room for being open to other alternatives.


Almost all eye doctors and optometrists will truly believe that they know what’s best…… and in all honesty, they need to….. The grim alternative is to encounter a life altering crises (as I did), and the entire breakdown of ones current life and practice.


The optometry industry is one thing….. but theres little use in blaming your doctor or optometrist for their lack of knowledge. Instead, be happy that you have been fortunate enough to come across this fast and reliable way to gain back your natural vision abilities.


Unfortunately, it’s an unpleasant fact that……


“Research Has Consistently Proven That Wearing Glasses Or Contacts Over Time Will Destroy Your Vision……”


But of course, Dr. Bates had realized this over 90 years ago…


Here are some quotes from more recent research…



Here is a very straightforward way to prove this for yourself:


Put on a pair of your glasses or contacts and perform some close work for 2 hours and then go ahead and check your unaided vision….. You will only see half of what you had done from the previous 2 hours.


It really is a shame that children and other individuals displaying mere symptoms of myopia are prescribed steel framed “remedies” which can harm them for life especially since there is a perfectly natural alternative available to them…



What About Laser Eye Surgery?

Maybe you’re thinking…. “I’ll just look into corrective eye surgery and not bother or worry about my vision being affected by glasses or contacts”.
Regrettably, surgery is not only costly but has also been proven itself to be a risky and problematic alternative……
The cost for a current eye surgery procedure can cost upwards of $5000, and there still is definitive guarantee that you will no longer need your glasses again in the following months of a entirely successful operation.
The truth is, there have been many reports of only a temporary improvement that can often relapse back into an even more serious condition a few months following the surgery.
And don’t forget about the worry and serious concerns pertaining to side effects such as……..


You may have already known this, however….


In 2008, the Food and Drug Administration officially stated that they would be doing an entire re-evaluation regarding the safety of laser eye surgery. This occurred primarily due to the large number of complaints it had been receiving on the matter each month.


Aside from this, something else you may not be aware of is that in addition to high cost of the surgery itself, you will also be troubled with further inconvenient visits to the doctor for many months following the treatment…


“If Glasses and Contacts Are Further Damaging My Vision And Surgery Is Too Much Of A Risk, Then What Is The Alternative To Improving My Eyesight?”


Well, please pay close attention:


You already possess the ability to improve your vision in a safe and natural way….


You need to simply learn the latest and most effective way to naturally heal and fine tune your amazing instrument that is the human eye.


More to come on that shortly…


To begin, let us take a quick look at what can cause these vision problems in the first place…


At birth, doctors dont routinely check your eyesight as you are pulled from your mother’s womb. And, you know what? At some point, you learned how to crawl and walk, and without the need for glasses. Right?


Lets take another example into consideration…


If you have visited foreign regions such as the Amazon or have seen television programs that film how the natives live in the wild, You’ve likely seen them how they hunt or gather for food, build tools and create different and unique crafts. However, I bet you’ve never seen any of these naturalists squinting their eyes, or struggling to maintain their focus on their prey.


Therefore, if you did not require glasses as a young child and nor do the natives living in the wild; then why are so many people today now reliant on glasses or contacts?


“The Often Overlooked And Totally Straightforward Reasoning For These Vision Problems Is Now Revealed!”


To put it simply… Vision issues are a learned trait. It all comes down to good or bad habits!


After careful evaluation and experimentation with 1000′s of patients, Dr. William H. Bates made the spectacular discovery that the majority of vision troubles are a result of bad habits that individuals have *developed in the process of seeing.


Habitual*Unconscious*Learned “improper use” of one’s eyes…


This consistently is the underlying reason for vision problems, and it soon advances into a horrible spiral…. Dr. William H. Bates says:


“It has been demonstrated in thousands of cases that all abnormal action of the external muscles of the eyeball is accompanied by a strain or effort to see, and that with the relief of this strain the action of the muscles becomes normal and all errors of refraction disappear.” – Perfect Sight Without Glasses, Ch 9.


On the bright side, there is some good news:


This “awful spiral” can be reverse and the “bad habits” eliminated by merely learning and practicing these simple exercises for only a few short minutes every day….


“How To Improve EyeSight – Naturally!”


For countless years, I owned and operated an ophthalmology practice. Truth be told, in my city, I have received many accolades for owning the most renowned optical business around.


After discovering my numerous accomplishments as a leading opthamologist, people were shocked once I left my practice to better help vision sufferers strengthen their eyesight – and all naturally.


Ever since then, I have spent numerous years refining my system that exploits a previously undiscovered technique to regaining your vision, naturally and for a lifetime.


The truth is, since utilizing Dr. Bates’ system, I have helped hundreds of individuals to finally be rid of their glasses, once and for all. I have even helped 80 year olds and older to develop 20-20 vision. And I can do the very same for you.


It does not matter if you have been using glasses since preschool…. As long as your not completely blind, my refinement of Dr. Bates method will work for you. And even better!!!


This “Dr. Bates 2.0″ approach applies to virtually all visual complications, including:


In the words of one of my former patients….


“This is Dr. Bates On Steroids!”


In my Vision Without Glasses™ course you will be taken by the hand, as I walk you through the incredibly easy step by step program to strengthen your vision in just 1 – 3 months…




Here is the solution:

Following my initial discovery, I have since spent many years improving upon Dr. Bates original vision and developing these concepts into an amazing program that is bound to help you see sharper and clearer within just a few short weeks.

In Vision Without Glasses you will discover….




“I’ll admit, it does sound like a great program….. But will it really work as you say it will?”


Well…..Why don’t we ask some other individuals that question…


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Still Not Convinced? Check This Out……

Even the American Optometric Association has been forced to admit these things!
Check out these revealing quotes buried deep in their own journals…



Even more feedback from the many people I have been able to help with my program: 

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Here Is How You Too Can Join In On The Fast-Track To 20/20 Perfect Vision:
The value of the program is easy. You will receive an exceptionally refined, uniquely designed, and incredibly valuable program which will restore your natural 20/20 vision within about 1 -2 months from now…
We already are aware that every day that passes while wearing those awful contacts or glasses is serving only to make your vision issues even worse… Not to mention the yearly costs associated with this unfortunate lifestyle….
We have also learned that the laser eye surgery is just way too risky, aside from the crazy high costs associated with it.
Rather than spending your hard earned money on ignorant doctors and optometrists don’t you think it might be better to make a small one time investment for yourself and finally get rid of the problem once and for all!
Taking into consideration the yearly costs you are already paying for glasses, contacts, doctors, and optometrists, I could easily charge a minimum of $97.00 for the program…. and it would still even be a bargain!
Nevertheless, you can gain access to this incredible program for a meager one time investment of only $27.

That Is Why You Are Getting Such A Great Deal!!!!


Just envision having the entire understanding and ability to change your life and break free from the tyranny of glasses, contacts, and doctors forever!!!!


Whenever I see previous patients on the street, they always tell me about the huge boost of confidence they have with their now perfect vision, and how fulfilling their life has now become due to this program…


It really is like the beginning of an entirely new life for many people!


But this is the best part…..


I have chosen to make this offer totally risk-free with my…


Unconditional 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!!!


Maybe you are wondering….. “What happens if this just wasn’t for me….. or I didn’t like the program… Or maybe I just want a refund… or if it for some reason just didn’t work for me?”


What is great about my offer is that you won’t be risking anything anyway. I am so sure that you will be satisfied with this program that I am pleased to put all of the risk on me….

Now…., go get the Vision Without Glasses program and begin it without delay….

If after 10 minutes, you aren’t feeling as though you have gotten your money’s worth, I insist you contact me…… and I will return ever last penny of your purchase…quietly and promptly with no questions asked…..

As we discussed, you really only stand to gain by acting on this offer right away.
Additionally, I invite you to contact me as frequently as you would like, by email, to go over any questions you may have. For your efforts, I promise to serve you the best that I can. And so, you owe it to yourself to try the Vision Without Glasses program now, risk free.


All right, so let’s discuss the “RISK” here for a minute…..


I have clearly shown that your only possible risk would be of wasting 10 minutes of your life with my own money back guarantee previously mentioned. So now lets discuss…….


3 Things You Will Be Risking By Not Taking Advantage Of This Offer Today.


1. You will risk living with your deteriorating condition for the remainder of your life since you were unwilling to spend 10 minutes on this offer…


2. You will risk spending a considerable amount of cash on ignorant doctors, optometrists, and “remedies” that will over time make the matter worse….


3. You will risk having to acquire this program for $67 in the near future as opposed to saving $30 and begining today!


To help make this offer a total no-brainer, I have gone ahead and sweetened it up a bit. So I’ve added in some distinctive bonuses that are complimentary to the program and should make things that much easier for you…..


3 Special Bonuses


By ordering now, you will also get the added bonuses below at no additional cost…..



Image Map



Give yourself a new alternative and don’t wait. Vision Without Glasses is the first and possibly only opportunity to get back the freedom and detachment from worrying about your deteriorating eyesight once and for all.
P.S.: Make a change now, and receive the super discount along with the 3 bonuses!
P.P.S.: 20-20 perfect vision is within your grasp, regardless of how young or old you may be. So long as you possess some sight, Vision Without Glasses can help you see again. Guaranteed, or your money back – No Questions Asked!!!

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